Today a new patch was released for Project L33T Playtest , which suspended the Project L33T game servers around 4-6 am GMT.

L33T Project Game Test Update

The patch update includes mostly crash fixes, but will also prioritize AI balancing:

  • Fewer mobs on maps
  • Changed AI settings, reaction time, how far they can see players, how well they shoot, etc.
  • Several critical server failures
  • Changes to server load balancing
  • About a dozen client crashes.

Individual problems:

  • Fix for UI crash when closing a level
  • Lifting help for new users to fix glitch in action
  • Fixed crash when reloading weapons
  • Fix crash when reviving Merc
  • Fix crash when changing quick options
  • Fix crash when opening/closing audio device
  • Map icon adds UI glitch
  • “Camera in the feet” – fixing missed cosmetics

The bug with the camera in the legs looked like this:

error in the l33t project

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