Holmgard Games, the studio responsible for the highly anticipated tactical first-person shooter Project L33T, has once again delighted its fans. In the latest video, the developers presented animations of several important weapons that will be available in the game.

Weapons play a key role in the L33T project , and the Holmgard Games team is committed to making them as realistic and immersive as possible for players. The following types of weapons were demonstrated in the video:

  1. M4: The classic American M4 rifle, widely used by armies around the world. It is characterized by a high rate of fire and excellent accuracy.
  2. M1A: This semi-automatic carbine impresses with its reliability and power. An ideal choice for players who prefer accurate shots at medium distances.
  3. AMB-17: A compact automatic pistol that can be easily hidden under clothing. It features high firepower and ease of use in close combat.
  4. Sawed off: A short-barreled shotgun that is great for fighting in tight quarters. It has powerful damage at close range.
  5. XM7: A mid-range small arms weapon that combines reliability and accuracy. The XM7 will become an indispensable companion on the battlefield.
  6. Bizon: A submachine gun with a large magazine that provides high firepower and effectiveness in close combat.
  7. 1911: A legendary pistol renowned for its durability and accuracy. The 1911 will remain a reliable weapon in the hands of an experienced player.

Each of these weapon types has its own unique characteristics, allowing players to choose the right weapon depending on their playstyle and battlefield situation.

The weapon animation clip represents only a small part of what awaits players in Project L33T. With a team of developers working hard on every detail of the game, the project promises to be an exciting experience for all fans of tactical first-person shooters. Stay tuned to Holmgard Games for further updates and developments in the world of Project L33T.

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