Have you already watched the new video on the Holmgard Games YouTube channel ? Yes, yes – that video about the gameplay of the game Project L33T. Let’s take another look and discuss what we saw:

Interactive gaming lobby

As we assumed earlier, the game will have its own “Vault”, similar to Escape from Tarkov, but more varied. This is some kind of construction of an entertaining nature.

  • Here you can immediately change clothes and change your appearance

Project Game Vault l33t

Project L33T character customization

  • buy and sell weapons from different NPCs

Pre-alpha gameplay of Project L33T, raw gunsmith

weapon store in the game Project L33T

weapons in the game Project L33T

items and products in the game Project L33T

  • Here is another arms dealer, you can immediately go on a raid with him

arms dealer in the game Project L33T


The game has an inventory, a cache for a certain number of cells, a place for unloading, headphones, an armored helmet, armor, weapons, and a backpack.

weapons inventory in the L33T project

Weapon modification in Project L33T

Possibility of weapon modification:

weapon modification in Project L33T

AK 74M - Project L33T

Modifying weapons directly in the raid:

Weapon modification in raid L33T

Game lobby

The game lobby now looks like this

game lobby in Project L33T

You can call friends or a mercenary (bot) for a certain amount of money

Mercenary Rob Hunter

mercenary Vasily Ivanov in Project L33T

Map loading background image

This is what your screen looks like when connecting to the server, the background image when loading the map

Project L33T map loading background image

Map of Ozersk-3

The Ozersk-3 map looks like this, this is the top view:

Map plan of Ozersk-3 top view

Location Ozersk-3 in the game project l33t

Project L33T Pre -alpha gameplay raw 4K 3-3 screenshot

Adversary in Project L33T



Game Settings

In the screenshot below you can see the game settings of Project L33T

Game interface

Project L33T game settings

Search the enemy

In the game you can search a dead enemy, or indeed any dead player, it looks like this

Character Search

Cars in Project L33T

In fact, we would like there to be some kind of movable transport, and not as an element of decoration. There is no such thing in the video yet, but here are the cars in the game, see the screenshots below:

Car in Projecr L33T

Land Rover Range Rover is that you? Very similar!

Transport in the game

Tindex Taxi (Yandex taxi), you can interact with the car

Tindex Taxi Project L33T

Tindex Taxi

Death of a character in the game

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