The action shooter Project L33T was announced, which is being developed by Holmgard Games. In connection with this event, the team published the first trailer showing the gameplay.

After the Event, each crash site becomes an emergency zone, where evacuations occur and military checkpoints are established. Research teams are studying the debris, but over time, strange changes occur in these zones: aliens appear, the weather changes, and unexplained anomalies arise.

As a private contractor and member of the elite L.3.3.T. you go on expeditions to the zone with the main task of collecting artifacts. These are pieces of unusual substance that appear near anomalies. Some artifacts are inactive, but others provide unique benefits.

Each expedition is unique, with constantly changing weather and time of day. Explore a dynamic game map where loot spots regularly appear in new locations.

Alpha testing of the game will begin in March. The developers will provide a special “Prologue” map designed to introduce players to key mechanics.

This is a medium-sized map, specially designed for Prologue, designed for 15-20 players and located in the fictional city of Ozersk-3.

Hundreds of cosmetics and character customization items from Season 1 will be available to you.

About 70% of the weapons from the first season will be available to try out in the prologue. Try out hundreds of modifications and dozens of skins to create a weapon that suits your tactical needs and playstyle.

Create a team of your friends or AI mercenaries and explore the world without the risk of losing your equipment.

Explore a dynamic world that changes from expedition to expedition: new mining sites, different housing configurations, new locations and mining areas to explore.

The Prologue includes weekly challenges over several weeks, as well as a selection of story missions for you to choose from.

According to the statement, access to the prologue will be free by following the broadcast on Twitch and other social networks. However, the developers are interested in you pre-ordering the game. But there is a nuance here: of the four available sets ($43, 76, 102 and 153, taking into account the discount), in order to gain access to the alpha test (prologue), you will have to pay at least $102 for the third set.

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