The official Project L33T Discord channel has published new screenshots from the game. We have collected them in a short article to study the future game Project L33T in more detail, enjoy watching.


The first screenshot was published yesterday in the Project L33T discord channel, most likely in the screenshot there is some kind of building, maps of Ozersk-2.

Perhaps this is a kind of lobby; in Escape from Tarkov there is a shelter – and in Project L33T it is a club (headquarters) with its own NPCs. Also striking is the health and energy HUD, a simple and minimalistic HUD. If we were the developers, we would replace the white health bar with a red-transparent progress bar.

Kill system

When your character is killed, the following message will most likely be displayed – KILLED IN ACTION

At the end of the raid, the Project L33T game will show:

  • your character level,
  • XP experience gained for the raid and how much is left until the next level,
  • RAID TIME – time in raid,
  • ARTIFACTS FOUND – the number of artifacts found during the raid,
  • killing players / killing NPCS.

Health system

As in any similar game, Project L33T implements a health system and character treatment.

In the screenshot, the health tab is open. It displays:

  • Your rank in the game
  • Character level
  • Amount of health
  • Stamina is the body’s ability to maintain a high level of physical activity for a long time,
  • Energy (food),
  • Hydration (liquid),
  • The weight you can carry. Most likely this function is being upgraded.

Fractures, bleeding, contusions, all this will have to be treated.

On the right side of the screenshot is the character’s medical card and available first aid kits that can be used.

Apparently there will be training in the game (Offline training), this is indicated in the “Training” tab.

Character customization in Project L33T

In the screenshot below, you see the customization of the fighting character in all its glory. With many options to customize your appearance, from hairstyle to accessories, your character will become an integral part of the game’s story. The developers did not forget about armor-piercing plates and holsters, which can be decisive factors in battle on the battlefield. Your style, your choice – in Project L.3.3.T.

In this screenshot you can see how character customization in Project L.3.3.T turns an ordinary fighter into a unique hero.

Map plan of Ozersk-3, top view

The developers have posted a plan for the Ozersk-3 map. This is the first map on which battles will take place.

Ozersk-3 is a map designed for playing with 15 to 20 people. In the screenshot we see that the map can be scaled (zoomed in and out, and the map itself is generally 3D – which will make it easy to navigate in this area).

There are several locations on the map:

  • “KPP ZAPADNOE” – western checkpoint, exit from the map (the place is marked with a man);
  • “KPP VOSTOCHNOE” – eastern checkpoint, there is no exit here;
  • “KOOP DRUZHBA” – most likely this is a garage cooperative with the name “Friendship”;
  • “AZS GEMOIL N 67” – gas station, gas station, it has already appeared in the trailer, and is also in the screenshots from the developers:


  • “STUPINA OVERPASS” – some kind of forest with a small hill;

Shaded in red is most likely the developer’s nickname, but it is in the first screenshot. From the screenshot one can judge that there are at least three outputs.

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Project L33T

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